How To Read A Person Like A Book

Gerald I. / Calero, Henry H Nierenberg

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AUTOR Gerald I. / Calero, Henry H Nierenberg
ISBN none

Page précédente: El Criador De Gorilas
Page suivante: La Republica I (1931-1932)

You may not be able to read a person like a book just by reading this book, but this book is a decent introduction into body language. The authors appropriately point out that different gestures and expressions in isolations are just like words, and that it is important to take into consideration how these different gestures and expressions relate to each other, how much they support the 4,2/5().  · How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary. In “How to Read a Person Like a Book Summary”, learn what your friend, your lover, your boss are really saying to you in a language that everybody uses but nobody speaks-Body language! This book helps you to improve your ability to communicate with other people. This book helps you to learn how to. How to read a person like a book Gerard I. Nierenberg, Henry H. Calero Snippet view - View all» Common terms and phrases. ankles locked asked attempting attitude audience aware become behavior believe body boss buyer chair Charles Darwin chin cigars client clusters coat confidence congruence conversation cooperative courtship cross his arms David Humphries defensive desk doubt 4,5/5(7). How to read a person like a book. Here is a practical example of how to read people like a book. In the next picture the black dots & black text describe the different actions a person does. The blue lines are the assumptions you should make about his personality as a result of each action he takes. Lets suppose that the first thing you noticed about that guy is that he wears tight clothes.  · How to Read a Person Like a Book is designed to teach you how to interpret and reply to the nonverbal signals of business associates, friends, loved ones, and even strangers. Best-selling authors Gerard Nierenberg, Henry Calero, and Gabriel Grayson have collaborated to put their working knowledge of body language into this practical guide to recognizing and understanding body 4,3/5(). We have begun to read a person like a book. The salesman 2. The husband 3. The lover Life, the True Testing Ground “It’s as large as life, and twice as natural!” — Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass” Automobile manufacturers subject any new car accessory to extensive testing. However, it is not until the accessory is exposed to real-life situations that its success or File Size: 1MB.  · You can read all the feelings and emotions of a person in their eyes. Lovers look each other in the eye hoping to see the pupils become bigger. In fact, it's very easy to notice because pupils can be up to 4 times bigger compared to their normal state. By the way, if a person is angry, their eyes look like beads because the pupils get very small. How to Read a Person Like a Book teaches listeners how to understand the strangers, friends, work colleagues around them by reading their body language. Buy How to Read a Person Like a Book By Gerald I. Nierenberg. Available in used condition with free delivery in the US. ISBN: ISBN  · Foreword: The foreword is written by a different author than the person who wrote the book, so it is usually only seen in later editions of a book that has made some sort of impact in the past, such as an award-winning novel or an important scientific work. The foreword talks a bit about what to expect from the book, and why it is worth reading. How to Read a Person Like a [ MB] A Twitter List by MONOVA_ORG.